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BREAKING: Justice Mistura Bolaji-Yusuf On Petitioners: “Were They Expecting The Court To Gather Evidence From The Streets Or Be Intimidated By Threats On Social Media?” – (Video)

Justice Mistura Bolaji-Yusuf, a renowned member of the Presidential Election Petition Court, recently addressed the tactics and approach of certain supporters, indirectly referring to those backing Peter Obi.

These supporters have been notorious for their aggressive tactics, often resorting to abuse, threats, and public denouncements targeting not only opposing political entities but also institutions like the judiciary and INEC. This aggressive behavior extends even to religious figures like pastors, imams, and other prominent individuals in the country.

Amid the tribunal’s rulings, where all petitions against President Bola Tinubu were struck down and his election victory affirmed, Justice Bolaji-Yusuf made a particularly pointed statement. She said, “It’s obvious that the petitioners were just fixated on the belief that they won the election without any cogent and credible evidence, and they did not even bother to place any such credible evidence before this court. Were they expecting the court to gather evidence from the streets or markets? Or were they hoping the court would be swayed or intimidated by threats on social media? That is not how the courts operate.

Watch the video below: