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BREAKING: Labour Party Blasts Tinubu’s Administration, Declares ‘Government Out of Ideas’ Amidst Economic Crisis

The Labour Party (LP) has declared that the government led by President Bola Tinubu has run out of ideas in the face of the ongoing economic crisis plaguing Nigeria.

In a statement, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, expressed deep concern over the increasing number of Nigerians falling below the poverty line.

Highlighting the rising cost of living and a severe food shortage crisis affecting millions, the LP pointed to recent protests in Minna, Niger State, as a direct consequence of a substantial increase in essential commodity prices.

The party painted a grim picture of the prevailing situation, linking it to a surge in crime rates, particularly among the youth, and a concerning rise in suicide cases.

Blaming the abrupt removal of fuel subsidies and the foreign exchange crisis, the LP criticized the government for failing to take adequate measures to mitigate the impact on the Nigerian populace.

The party accused the administration of increasing spending on the extravagant lifestyles of elected officials while corruption among government officials worsened.

“There is an air of despondency across the nation. The immediate fallout of this situation is increasing crime, particularly among the youths who are desperate to remain alive; incidences of suicide are on the upswing.

“It has now become a familiar scene for people to jump into the Lagoon, hang themselves or take lethal substances.

“It is either that the government is bereft of ideas on how to check this unfolding catastrophe or that it chose to continue to act as if it is still campaigning for office. This is no time for politics.”

“The economic turmoil we are suffering today is a result of this poor sense of judgement.

“Sadly, amidst all of these, the All Progressives Congress administration has increased its spending on the lavish lifestyles of its elected officials, and corruption among government officials has never been worse,” the party stated.