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BREAKING: Let us mount security in all the Yoruba lands ourselves, if not, they will take our lands -Sunday Igboho

Yoruba Nation activist Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has returned to Nigeria, expressing his determination to drive armed herdsmen away from Yorubaland. He made this declaration during the burial ceremony of his mother in Igboho, Oyo State, emphasizing the urgent need for community-led security measures, as reported by Nation.

Addressing the gathered crowd in Yoruba, Igboho highlighted the inadequacy of police and military presence in combating the rising threats posed by herders. He urged the people to unite and take responsibility for securing Yoruba lands to prevent further encroachment.

“We don’t have to wait for the government or anyone. Let’s just work in unison,” Igboho stated, expressing concern over the impact on agriculture and the resulting hunger and frustration among the Yoruba people.

Asserting his determination to reclaim the land, Igboho emphasized that the community should organize its security, stating, “Let us mount security in all the Yoruba lands ourselves, if not, they will take our lands.”

He dispelled rumors of political affiliations, stating that if he were aligned with politicians, he would not be facing threats to his life. Igboho stressed that his focus is on addressing the menace of marauding herders and safeguarding the interests of the Yoruba people.

“I am not working for any politician. In fact, if I incidentally slapped someone, the government would be ready to arrest me and put me behind bars. Igboho asserted, challenging accusations and expressing readiness to confront the challenges faced by Yoruba communities.