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BREAKING: Many Nigerian Politician Stole Trillionaira in one day – Onanuga Reacts As Obi Says Money Yahoo Boys Steal In One Year Is not Up To What Government Are Stealing

The Special Advisor on Information and Strategy to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Bayo Onanuga, responded to remarks made by Peter Gregory Obi, the Libertarian Party candidate in the 2023 presidential election, claiming that the amount of money taken by Yahoo Boys in a year was not comparable to the amount of money taken by government officials in a single day.

The claim was made by Peter Obi in a widely shared viral video on the internet. Peter Obi said during his speech that although people continue to chase the Yahoo Boys, there are far worse looters in the government.

Peter Obi stated in the widely shared video:

“I can assure you that all the money that Yahoo Yahoo people have stolen in one year,is not up to the amount of money that is being stolen in government in one day” .

Onanuga, however, has since expressed his opinions after uploading the video on Thursday on his official X account. Following his sharing of the video, he claimed that Peter Obi was defending Yahoo Boys. He expressed amazement at his ability to utilise one mistake as an excuse for another.

On his page, he wrote:.

Peter Obi makes case for Yahoo Yahoo Boys. Incredible he could use one wrong to justify another. What a leader!”