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BREAKING!! Massive Protests Hit Sierra Leone Over Election and High Cost Of

Sierra Leone is witnessing massive protests over election related matters, and high cost of living.

The protest is on going as tension is still mounting at Waterloo 555 junction where multiple gun shots were heard.

At Waterloo Deep Eye, protesters team up to protest but presently the military and there M.P is trying to talk them out of it.

Augusto K Luseni, a Freetown based activist wrote;
“What young Sierra Leoneans need is to raise their voices, mobilize for social justice and press for progress with the understanding that change does not and will not come overnight. And real change for Salone is definitely not going to come even if you change the government.”

Nigeria as messed up as it is, their leaders went to court and used the available channels to protest against the elections. Their justice system is as baimbashkay as our own, but Atiku and Obi used the law. How do you want to lead a country whose justice system you won’t use? How do you make the system better if you don’t use it? When you become president are you going to get rid of the courts? Because the same wan na im go dey there.”