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BREAKING: Meet the ‘world’s most valuable dog’ dubbed ‘the perfect Frenchie’ named Rope Daddy with £275-a-MONTH Greek yoghurt diet

SAY hello to Rope Daddy – the lucky pup dubbed the world’s most valuable dog worth a whopping £95,000. Part of the French bulldog family, the pricey pooch costs its owner a staggering £275-a-month on his diet alone consisting of plenty of Greek yoghurt.

Rope Daddy is thought to be one of the world’s most valuable dogs being worth £95,000Credit: Instagram/leanbullz_julian

The pricey pooch costs its owner a whopping £275-a-month on his diet alone and is known for its famous wrinkly faceCredit: Instagram/leanbullz_julian

Rope Daddy has 7,000 loyal fans on InstagramCredit: Instagram/leanbullz_julian

The dog has a beautiful fluffy cream coat, shimmering golden eyes and huge cheeks but what makes him such a lucrative K9 is his square head and massive, muscular body.

He also has huge wrinkles or folds of skin on the top of his nose and between the eyes – hence the slightly unconventional name.

These traits are all synonymous with the Big Rope aesthetic – one of the most sought after dog types on the planet.

But Rope Daddy stands strong above all others in the Big Rope family for his excellent genetic traits and impressive upbringing.

Mainly because of the flashy pooch’s rich and smug breeder – a Colombian man called Julian Montoya.

Julian is more than happy to boast about how spoilt his pet is as he constantly shows Rope Daddy off on Instagram for their 7,000 followers.

He has even dubbed him “the perfect Frenchie”.

The French bulldog enthusiast admitted he spends a staggering amount on just the dog’s diet with it totalling up to around £3,300-a-year.

Like most growing pups, Rope Daddy eats raw meat and vegetables – usually carrots – but surprisingly Julian also treats him to a daily bowlful of Greek yoghurt.

But the almighty cost comes from his vitamins and health supplements that Julian makes him take each day.

This keeps Rope Daddy looking and feeling his best with a shiny, soft coat, perfect nails and clean, pearly teeth.

I spend £100k a year for my dog to be Mayor and he cuts ribbons and holds meetings

Despite being part of the French bulldog family the Big Rope species is a completely different type of four-legged friend.

They are small, compact versions of the Frenchie but come with an impressive muscular build and square head just like Rope Daddy with upright ears often referred to as bat ears.

Even more impressive is their extremely friendly nature and balanced temperament meaning they are great around children and other dogs.

And unlike usual bulldog breeds they tend to have a lower rate of health issues than most.

Julian said: “Their playful, affectionate and loyal personality makes them ideal companions for people of all ages.

“From children to seniors, the Big Rope is becoming the most sought after animal companion today.

“In addition, their small size makes them more adaptable to urban environments.”

But like many dogs that look the part, Big Rope’s like Rope Daddy were specially bred to be immaculate.

Selective breeding involves picking a male dog and female dog specifically to get certain results when the female has puppies.

Often breeders have a desirable trait that they want to enhance in new pups.

In a Big Rope this is the thick ropey wrinkles on their adorable faces.

But selective breeding is a major concern of animal charities such as the RSPCA.

They say: “As a side effect of keeping different dog breeds separate, and focusing on breeding for appearance, there’s a lack of genetic diversity within dog breeds.

“This lack of genetic diversity can increase the risk of inherited diseases like cancer and blindness.”


Like many French bulldogs, Big Rope’s have a number of serious health issues.

One of the biggest issues with breeding Big Rope dogs stem from the beloved wrinkles.

Due to the size of the folding skin, dirt and moisture can get trapped inside it and lead to skin infections such as dermatitis or fungal infections.

The bat ears can also easily get infected if they get wet.

Due to their short nose and flat face they are prone to brachycephalic syndrome – a condition that severely affects their breathing and causes snorting, snoring and rapid breathing.

This leads to their airways being constricted and can cause overheating as dogs main trick to cool down is by panting.

Another big issue is hip dysplasia, where the dog’s thigh bone doesn’t fit properly over their hip joint.

This causes arthritis and can lead to a serious limp being developed.

Issues with their short but stocky size can also cause spinal issues including nerve damage and on some occasions paralysis.

Rope Daddy with his owner Julian MontoyaCredit: Instagram/leanbullz_julian

Rope Daddy is part of the French bulldog family known as Big RopesCredit: Instagram/leanbullz_julian.