BREAKING: Minister Nyesom Wike: Abuja Transformed into a Construction Site Under Tinubu Administration

In a meeting with British High Commissioner Richard Montgomery, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mr. Nyesom Wike, highlighted the significant progress made in Abuja under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu.

Wike emphasized that, prior to the current administration, the city had been lacking in development and infrastructure activities.

However, since the new government took office, Abuja has been transformed into a bustling construction site, with numerous projects underway to improve the city’s infrastructure.

The Minister also mentioned that the Renewed Hope Agenda of the Tinubu administration has led to considerable advancements in the area of security.

The police and other security agencies have been instrumental in reducing the activities of bandits and other criminal elements, making Abuja a safer place for its residents.

Wike identified job creation, tourism, and agriculture as key priority areas for the FCT administration.

The government is eager to collaborate with investors to develop the tourism and agricultural sectors, which will in turn create employment opportunities for the youth.

The Minister stressed the importance of security in attracting investors to the city, as a secure environment is crucial for fostering confidence among potential investors.

By addressing the issues of security and job creation, the administration hopes to create an attractive environment for investors and promote economic growth in the capital.

As the government continues to focus on these priorities, the future of Abuja looks promising, with a renewed focus on development, security, and job creation.