BREAKING: Nigeria Is In Trouble As We Are Being Suffocated By The Food, Fuel, and Finance Crisis—Dr. Ikokwu

On whether the government knows the implications of these factors on Nigerians, she said, “I don’t know if the government understands this and the connection, but it’s deep, and this is what is going on. These three elements are the basis upon which we live and thrive. If these three are failing at the same time, we are heading for a calamity of gigantic proportions. Since the removal of fuel subsidies, we have seen how the cost of food has changed.

As regarding the subject of food and its cost, Ikokwu said, “When you talk to people, they tell you that they don’t have the money to afford the food, even if it is available. I go to the market, and I see this happening.

On what she experienced recently on transport costs, she said, “I filled my vehicle a couple of days ago and I saw that there was a slight increase in the cost of fuel, so everybody is being negatively affected by the cost of transport, and that shows in your pocket. The purchasing power of the people is diminishing every day.

There is no president; this will not be a difficult situation. Whether it’s President Tinubu or not, it’s not an easy time in Nigeria. However, in times of great upheaval, leaders have become heroes because they have taken the time to carefully manage and steer the ship away from the downturn.

She suggested that for these problems to be tackled, “the leaders must have three elements, which are character, competence, and capacity. Every success the president will achieve depends on this.

“Let’s say the president doesn’t have it; does his team have it? If they don’t, is there a way that they can hire someone to get us out of this mess because our lives are dependent on these people who are manning the ship today.