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BREAKING: Nigerian Fish Farmer Discovers Special Albino Catfish, Keeps it as Pet

A Nigerian lady who is a fish farmer discovered that one of her fish looked different from the rest. She posted a video of the special catfish to show her followers the colour, which made it stand out from its peers.

The fish, which is now known as the albino fish, was found in Mamijo Farms , a catfish-rearing facility. In a TikTok video, the owner of the fish lifted it and said she was not going to eat or sell it.

Someone in the comment section of the video offered her N2 million for the catfish.

@jayreal914 said:

“I will pay N2 million naira for the albino fish.”

However, she refused to accept the money , insisting that she was keeping the special fish as a pet. There were other catfishes with the same albino colour seen in the video.

Watch the video below:


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