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BREAKING: Nigerian man imprisoned for four years over $1m cyber-fraud in US

Solomon Ekunke Okpe, a Nigerian, has been given a four-year prison term in the US for his involvement in online fraud schemes that defrauded banks and US citizens of up to $1 million in losses.

After being arrested in Malaysia and extradited to the US to stand trial, the 31-year-old was given the prison sentence.

When announcing the sentence, the US Department of Justice claimed that between 2011 and 2017 Okpe and his associates “devised and executed business email compromise(BEC), work-from-home, check cashing, romance, and credit card scams.”

Targeted victims of email phishing attacks that sought to steal login credentials and “other sensitive information” included people, banks, and companies in the US and other countries, according to Info-security magazine.

Although it’s unclear if the cyber-fraud gang succeeded in their evil plan, the DoJ stated that the scams were “intended to cause more than $1 million in losses to US victims.”

First American Holding Company and MidFirst Bank are two financial institutions that the DoJ has identified as victims. Okpe is now incarcerated alongside Johnson Uke Obogo, another member of his gang.

In comparison to Okpe, Obogo received a sentence on March 20 that was much less severe: a year and a day in prison.