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BREAKING: Nigerian Pastor bathes in church, asks church members to drink his bath water to cleanse their sins (Video)

An incident that has left many disgusted recently took place in a church in Nigeria, and it has been making rounds on the internet. A pastor was spotted bathing in church and serving his church members his bathwater to drink.

The video footage of the incident has gone viral, causing outrage among many people who have viewed it. This is one of many shocking cases that have been brought to the fore about churches and members having blind religious beliefs in pastors, which is becoming dangerous to Christendom.

In the video, the pastor was seen taking a dip in a barrel filled with water in the church, wearing only his boxers. It didn’t take long after he spoke to his church members that they were spotted lining up to drink from a cup filled with his bathwater.

Details about the pastor are unclear as of the time of this report, but the name of the church was given as ‘Endtime Church Of Nation.’

Local news platforms reported that the pastor told his members that God instructed him to pull off the act. According to him, anyone who drinks from his bathwater will receive more blessings.

This incident has caused many to question the authenticity of pastors who engage in such acts and the dangers of blindly following religious leaders. Many believe that these actions are not in line with biblical teachings and are only done to deceive unsuspecting followers.

Watch the video below;