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BREAKING: NLC Strike: First Bank, UBA, Access Bank Defy Directive In Abuja, Nasarawa

Several Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) have chosen to disregard the directive issued by the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institution Employees (NUBIFIE) to participate in a two-day warning strike called by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

THE WHISTLER has independently verified this non-compliance.

NUBIFIE’s directive, issued on Monday, September 4, was ignored by some of the DMBs, as observed during visits by THE WHISTLER to several banking establishments in Abuja on Tuesday.

At branches of First Bank, UBA, and Access Bank located in the Karu area of Abuja, customers were issued numbers and ushered into the banking halls in batches, even as other banks such as Zenith, Polaris, and Fidelity appeared to have customers stranded on their premises.

It is noteworthy that the banks where customers were seen stranded had their staff readily available within the banking halls, suggesting a lack of compliance with the NUBIFIE’s orders.

Investigations carried out by THE WHISTLER showed that some of the banks continued their operations despite the directives issued by NUBIFIE.

At the Access Bank branch adjacent to A. A. Rano along Karu Road, our correspondent had a conversation with the Bank Manager, who, while unable to provide a reason for the bank’s operation, directed inquiries to the bank’s headquarters.

“I’m not in the position to speak on this (NLC strike), but contact them at our Garki branch, they will speak on this and give a reason why, we are only obeying orders,” he said.

Similarly, at UBA and FirstBank, our reporter learned that employees were instructed to continue working, defying the strike directive.

However, at Zenith Bank, Abacha Road, in Nasarawa State, an anonymous staff member revealed that the bank was only conducting online transactions, with physical transactions temporarily suspended due to the ongoing NLC strike.

“We are in the office, but can’t receive customers, this is because of the ongoing NLC strike, all we are instructed to do is carry out online transactions for customers,” the staff said.

Meanwhile, at Polaris and Fidelity Banks, customers expressed their frustration at the inconsistency in banks’ responses to the strike.

Njoku Adams, a man in his late 40s, remarked, “Look, the UBA branch beside this Polaris branch is open and operational. Why aren’t they working? If it’s because of the NLC strike, is UBA above the NLC?”

Another customer, David Bayo, lamented, “It skipped my mind, I would have done this transaction yesterday.

Customers stranded at Zenith bank, Abacha road, as NLC begins strike
Customers waiting to access the UBA banking hall at Abacha Road Nasarawa state.
Customers waiting to access the UBA banking hall at Abacha Road Nasarawa state.
At Access bank Karu road, customers are being attended too
At Access bank Karu road, customers are being attended too
Shut Polaris Bank along Abacha Road Nasarawa State