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BREAKING: Oronsaye report: Minister allays fear of job losses

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has allayed the fear of job losses in the implementation of the Oronsaye Report, which seeks to rationalise government agencies and parastatals.

Mr Idris made the remarks in Abuja on Wednesday at the fourth edition of the Ministerial Press Briefing Series.

The Oronsaye Report’s implementation, which aims at reducing government agencies and parastatals, has allayed concerns about job losses.

Mr Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation made this known at the fourth Ministerial Press Briefing Series.

“The whole idea is that government wants to reduce cost and also improve efficiency in service delivery. It does not mean that government is out to retrench workers or throw people into the labour market,” he said.

The Minister stated that President Tinubu’s unwavering commitment to fiscal prudence and responsible governance is demonstrated by the implementation of the report, which has been on the shelf for about 11 years.

Tinubu championed a thorough review of the government’s commissions, agencies, and parastatals.

He stated that the Orosanye Report’s implementation has been approved after a rigorous assessment in order to guarantee that vital services are not jeopardized and that people’s requirements are respectively met while prioritizing the interests of the country.

“Through the implementation of Oronsaye’s Report, President Tinubu aims to achieve significant cost savings by eliminating duplication of functions, streamlining administrative processes, and optimizing resource allocation.

“This proactive approach will enable the government to operate more efficiently while maintaining the quality and delivery of services to the Nigerian people,” he said.