BREAKING: Peter Obi is Something Else, He Went To The Market, Priced A Cow And Sent Me 250 Thousand Naira, While i was Expecting 2 or 3 Million – According to Kanayo [VIDEO]

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo was speaking in an interview with Afia TV when he recounted what Peter Obi did after missing his mum’s funeral in 2011, back when he was the governor of Anambra State.

While narrating in details, Kanayo revealed that Obi called him to apologize for missing the funeral, but he was baffled at how Obi was able to send him the exact price of a cow despite being a governor.

He said; “In 2011, I was to bury my mum and I had many senators who were my friends, and governors who were my friends, so I wrote to all of them.

“Two weeks after the funeral, Peter Obi called me at 1am and said: I just got your letter, I know the burial is over. You know I would have come if I saw your letter. He then said he would send to me money to buy a cow.

“I was expecting him to send 2 million Naira for burial in 2011, but I think he went to the market and priced a cow, a cow was 250 thousand Naira and that was what he sent to me. The story here was that he was a governor, but he had time to call me.”