BREAKING: Political Analyst Supports Obasanjo’s Controversial Comments on Election Judgments

Social commentator and analyst, Comrade Omotosho has voiced his concerns over the controversies that have surrounded the judgements in the Zamfara, Plateau and Kano governorship elections.

It would be recalled that a civil society group, Congress for Rights Of Yoruba Nationalities (CROYN), had labeled former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s comments on the Nigerian judiciary’s controversial judgements in the Zamfara, Plateau and Kano governorship elections as “utterly irresponsible.”

The group also accused Obasanjo of incitement and called on the Federal Government to intervene, urging leaders, including former President Goodluck Jonathan, to counsel Obasanjo.

Speaking to RoyalTimes, Omotosho emphasized his discontent, arguing that the tribunal’s decisions seemed to invalidate the votes of the people. He pointed out that the issues raised were “procedural”, such as unstamped ballot papers, questioning the fairness of penalising candidates for organisational shortcomings.

He supported former President Obasanjo’s critique of what he termed “cathedral judgments,” where a few judges could overturn the decisions of millions of voters.

He said, “Former President Obasanjo is one of the few good people we have in Nigeria. At least, he served Nigeria for 11years and I believe as far as Nigeria is concerned, he knows what he was saying.”

Omotosho urged the Supreme Court to thoroughly review the cases and emphasised the role of INEC, holding them responsible for the negligence that led to these disputes, saying “”INEC should be held responsible for the negligence that led to the disputes because it is their duty to stamp all the ballot papers.