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BREAKING: Putin Justifies Arrests Saying Russia At War With Neighbour, ‘Certain Attitude’ Needed

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, July 30, remarked on the political dissent inside Russia, saying that “there must be a certain attitude toward people who are causing harm inside the country.”

Speaking at a press conference after concluding the Africa-Russia summit in St. Petersburg on July 29, Putin said that Russia “is in an armed conflict with a neighbour” and there has to be a certain attitude towards it when asked about the crackdown on the Russians inside the country’s own territory.

Putin was asked whether it was “normal for people to be arrested for things they have written or said.” He answered that there has to be a certain patriotic support towards the country when it is at war with another nation. ‘People are arrested for written or spoken words. Is this normal’ Well, thank God, it’s not the 37th year here’! Or, you know, some already think, and maybe the 37th year’” Putin sarcastically asked the reporter. He was given names of the arrested people since the inception of war over their views.

Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky was detained in connection to a case under terrorism for a post about the explosion on the Kerch bridge, Putin was told. Theatre director Yevgenia Berkovich was another detention over stifling the freedom of expression. She was charged under an article on terrorism because she performed a play about Russian women being recruited by the Islamic State [IS] terrorist group. “The play is based on real events,” a reporter for the RFE/RL’s Russian Service, said.
‘There should be a certain attitude’: Putin

‘We have 2023. And the Russian Federation is in a state of armed conflict with a neighbour. And I think that there should be a certain attitude towards those people who harm us inside the country,’ Putin replied to a reporter, adding that ‘in order to be successful, including in the war zone, we all have to follow certain rules.” Putin also rejected calls for a cease-fire in Ukraine, as he said that the Russian forces cannot stop responding “when we are being attacked.”

Putin also denied ever hearing the names of the detained figures in Russia, saying: ‘I don’t know who you are talking about, I hear these names for the first time and I don’t really understand what they did and what was done to them.” He then added that in Ukraine, “they are shot for this.’ Putin discussed an example for “execution” of Denis Kireev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation who was in negotiations with Russia. He was killed in early March last year in Ukraine. ‘I don’t know what they did, you will tell me later. Maybe they don’t deserve what they did. I don’t even know how,’ Putin said.