BREAKING: Rio Ferdinand reacts to Ivan Toney watching Arsenal take on Newcastle United at Emirates Stadium on Saturday

Rio Ferdinand has been left surprised after hearing that Brentford striker and Arsenal target Ivan Toney was at Emirates Stadium on Saturday to watch the Gunners host Newcastle United.

Vibe with FIVE co-presenter Joel Beya claimed on the latest episode of Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE that he saw the England international at the game, and the former Manchester United was curious to know why.

Beya later claimed he heard Toney was at the game to support his former club Newcastle against Arsenal, but fans would have been wondering why he chose that particular game to visit Emirates.

Here is how the conversation between Beya and Ferdinand went.

Beya: “You know what’s funny? You know who was at the game? Funny enough…”

Ferdinand: “Who?”

Beya: “Ivan Toney was at the game.”

Ferdinand: “Was he? What’s he doing there?”

Beya: “He was sitting in the box.”

Ferdinand: “Is he an Arsenal fan?”

Beya: “I can’t remember what he said because he mentioned Liverpool as well in an interview once.”

Ferdinand: “It’s mad, though. If I was being linked to Arsenal right, front and centre, would I go to the game?”

Beya: “Some people said that he was there to support his old team Newcastle.”

The Gunners were regularly linked with Toney ahead of the January transfer window, but Brentford wanted around £80 million for his services, which proved to be a stumbling block as Arsenal did not bother to firm up their interest with a bid.