BREAKING: Shehu Sani Responds As Custom Reveals The Amount of Money Generated Per Hour at Apapa Area Command

In response to a tweet from the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) regarding the amount of money Apapa Area Command makes per hour, former senator Shehu Sani recently turned to his verified Twitter account to express amazement and admiration.

The tweet from the official NCS account questioned the excellent work of the Apapa Area Command, highlighting their hourly average of N198,802,021 million and N4,771,248,513.

In a brief yet impactful response, Shehu Sani simply exclaimed, “Wow.” This single-word reaction from the outspoken politician and human rights activist encapsulated a sentiment shared by many who came across the announcement.

Sani’s response resonated with the public, reflecting a mixture of surprise, admiration, and perhaps even a hint of skepticism given the often challenging economic landscape in Nigeria.

The significance of the NCS’s announcement cannot be understated. Excise duties are taxes imposed on specific goods manufactured or produced within a country, and they contribute significantly to government revenue. For a particular command within the Nigeria Customs Service to lead in excise duty revenue collection emphasizes effective governance, diligent enforcement, and the successful implementation of revenue-generating strategies.