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BREAKING: Some People Have Made Sales This Year More Than They Have Ever Made In All Their Lives – Pastor Enenche

In a recent video on YouTube, Pastor Enenche shed light on the dire circumstances facing many individuals and families across Nigeria. Speaking passionately, he shared the distressing messages he receives from people experiencing severe hardship, including the inability to afford food and the anguish of sleeping hungry. The calls for assistance.

Pastor Enenche disclosed, are not confined to a specific region but emanate from various parts of the country, including Makurdi, Owerri, and beyond. This widespread deprivation reveals the urgent need for action and solidarity in addressing the pervasive issue of food insecurity.

According to him, “In recent times, the kind of messages I am receiving apart from these other emergencies, is “Pastor, me and my family, we don’t have what to eat today. My children and I – we are sleeping hungry tonight.” These calls are coming from Makurdi, they are coming from everywhere, Owerri – everywhere. So you are wondering, what do you do with yourself? The North, the South, the East, the West! We are going to trust the Lord that the Lord will help us as a Nation but as individuals, we want to understand what to do. Incidentally, I am also coming across people who are making billions in this town.

We have heard testimonies on ‘Commanding the Day Midnight Prayer Altar’, some people have made sales this year (January, February) more than they have ever made in all their lives based on the declaration of the Word because the Bible said, when men said they are cast down, you can say there is a lifting up.”