BREAKING: “Thank God he didn’t succeed” – Laura Ikeji slams man for attempting to scam her

Nigerian brand influencer and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji takes aim at a man who attempted to scam her by using fraudulent alert to pay for the items he purchased from her store.

Taking to her Instagram page, the businesswoman shared a photo of the fake alert she received and the rear view of the man that tried to scam her.

She described how the unidentified man came into her store to purchase perfumes and paid with a fake alert.

Thanking God that he was unsuccessful, she said that it is demonic for someone to come and steal from a young person in need like herself, as everyone in the country is suffering through the difficult times.

Laura encouraged him to do better as she promised not to reveal his identity.

Her words:

“This guy came to my store , bought perfumes and paid with fake alert. Thank God he didn’t succeed. My store will check and recheck before they give u stuff. But bro… I know the country is tough, we re all going through it, so coming to steal from struggling youth like me is demonic. U wanna steal, go to the government. They owe u not me. Won’t show ur face so do better. N my name is not Laura IKEJA . Mumu”