BREAKING: The coalition has expressed its appreciation for Tinubu’s contributions to the successful implementation of the school feeding program

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has voiced their concerns regarding the inclusion of President Bola Tinubu’s sons, Seyi and Yinka, in Nigeria’s official delegation to Qatar. The CUPP has criticized this move, citing an increase in the cost of governance and a bloated delegation that includes family members.

Peter Ameh, National Secretary of CUPP, raised questions regarding the capacity of Seyi Tinubu and Yinka Tinubu to be a part of Nigeria’s official delegation to Qatar. He suggested that these slots should have been given to professionals who have the expertise to negotiate better deals for Nigeria’s economy.

Ameh accused Tinubu of contradicting his claims of reducing the cost of governance while increasing it through a delegation that includes family members who lack the required experience in international affairs and bilateral trade negotiations. He labeled this situation as mismanagement of public finances and raised concerns about corruption in the government.

According to Ameh, “While Tinubu is busy deceiving Nigerians that he is serious about cutting down the cost of governance, he is increasing such cost through the backdoor with a bloated list of dignitaries, which includes his family members. Slots that should have been given to professionals who are well-equipped to negotiate a good deal for our collapsing economy and country are given to his children. His children have no idea or experience required in this business of international affairs and relations with bilateral trade between countries. This is why his government has brought more misery to the Nigerian people than any government in the history of our country. This is a clear case of mismanagement of public finances and an obvious sign of corruption in government.”