BREAKING: The results from this week’s by-elections across the country would tell that APC is the choice of Nigerians – Bashir Ahmad

Olumide Akpata, a gubernatorial hopeful under the Labour Party (LP) in Edo State, has affirmed his commitment to remain within the party’s fold, even if he faces a setback in the primary elections. Speaking candidly on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics program, Akpata expressed his determination amidst a crowded field of over 28 contenders.

Despite acknowledging the intense competition, Akpata remained resolute, stating that fear was not a factor in his bid for the party’s ticket. However, he voiced concerns regarding the integrity of the selection process, citing past incidents in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi states.

Akpata emphasized his democratic principles, asserting that he would gracefully accept defeat if he felt “played out” during the primaries. He adamantly dismissed the notion of switching allegiances, underscoring his belief in the party’s core values.

Furthermore, Akpata clarified his relationship with Peter Obi, the LP’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election. Despite lacking explicit support from Obi, Akpata remained optimistic, noting Obi’s impartial stance and commitment to endorsing the eventual party nominee in Edo State.

In reflecting on Obi’s position amidst the crowded field of aspirants, Akpata highlighted Obi’s democratic ethos, anticipating his neutrality until the party’s internal processes conclude.

Akpata’s unwavering dedication to the Labour Party underscores a commitment to democratic principles, even in the face of potential setbacks within the party’s selection process.

He said, “Put yourself in the shoes of Mr Peter Obi, 28 aspirants on the field, do you really think he will endorse one above others?

“Mr Peter Obi is a friend of mine, he knows about my ambition, we have talked about it but I expect no less from him. He’s a democrat, he’s fair, he’s just, he’s equitable. So, what he would do is wait for the process to play out.