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BREAKING: They left her phones, laptop and emptied her kitchen – Activist narrates how robbers invaded woman’s house in Delta state, stole pots of soup, stew, beverages

Armed robbers invaded a woman’s house in Mosagar community in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta state and stole beverages, raw and cooked food including pots of stew and soup.

Nigerian activist, Comrade Israel Joe, who disclosed this in a Facebook post said the incident happened on Wednesday night, February 28, 2024.

According to Mr. Joe, the robbers didn’t take any of her valuables including phones and laptop.

“There was robbery in Mosagar, Delta State yesterday at about 8:13pm. The robbers broke into the woman’s house and ordered her to lie down. It wasn’t clear of they were carrying guns but she clearly said three of the boys entered into her house,” he wrote.

They left her phones and her laptop. They dispossessed and emptied her kitchen, carting away with almost half bag of rice, her cooked food, including the soup and stew in her refrigerator.

They packed up a little beverage in her fridge and one of them drank one can coke in her present before they left.

This is where we have gotten to, at the moment, young men robbíng people of their food. As they narrated the ordeal to me, I felt deeply sad.

Almost at the same time, someone called me to tune to Mega FM to listen to those guys who called themselves comrades, and collected 30 million naira to attacks and betray the move of genuine Nigerians last week end. I still feel for Mega FM being used to pass out bląckmaíIíng info.

I clearly told my caller who said he wants to call them and disgrace them, that he shouldn’t do that. You don’t need to tell those comrades they are crímínąIs, fabricating lies against me to win the heart of the same people they bętrąyęd.

The monies would soon be finished and in the fulness of time hungry people will come for them. I told my caller I don’t listen to rųbbísh and won’t make anyone popular. I should remain their topic, and if possible, they should not.