BREAKING: Tinubu Goes Tough, Fires Strong Warning At NLC Over Protests

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu strongly criticized the recent protest staged by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), cautioning the labor movement against assuming it represents the sole voice of the people.

He delivered these remarks during the commissioning of the Lagos Red Line Train, which connects Agbado to Oyingbo.

Tinubu’s remarks came in response to the NLC’s protest on Tuesday, addressing both the prevailing hardship in the nation and the federal government’s failure to implement previously agreed-upon agreements with labor unions.

In his address, Tinubu emphasized the need for the Labor Union to recognize that, despite its perceived rights and freedoms, it cannot effectively oppose an administration that is merely nine months old.

He remained steadfast in his commitment to ongoing reforms, despite opposition from what he termed ‘smugglers’, reiterating his determination to combat corruption vigorously.

Tinubu assured the public that the current economic challenges, stemming from the removal of fuel subsidies and the unification of the exchange rate, are temporary. He urged Nigerians to endure these hardships, assuring them of a brighter future ahead.

In a pointed message to the Labor Union, Tinubu emphasized that they are not the exclusive voice of the people and urged them to maintain peace. He suggested that if the union wishes to participate in the electoral process, they should engage politically in 2027, otherwise advocating for peace.

He stated, “The Labour Union should understand that you are not the only with freedom and rights. If you want to participate in the electoral process, meet us in 2027. If not maintain peace. You are not only voice of Nigeria.”

Furthermore, Tinubu highlighted the commissioning of the red line as a realization of a vision he harbored 25 years ago during his tenure as governor of the state. He called for enhanced collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and other states to advance railway infrastructure development nationwide.