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BREAKING: Tinubu is President-elect of INEC and APC” – Pastor Sarah Omakwu (Video)

The senior pastor of FWC, Abuja, Sarah Omakwu has told her congregation that the president-elect Bola Tinubu is the president of the INEC and APC.

It seems a lot of Nigerins are still not ready to accept the presidnt-elect, Bola Tinubu as their president. A lot of people have rejected the president announced by INEC on the 28th of February, 2023

The senior pastor of FWC, Sarah Omakwu during a church service in her church stated that Bola Tinubu is not their president but th president-elect of the APC and INEC only; an indication that Tinubu has been rejected by the FWC.

Watch the video below