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BREAKING: Tinubu supporters counter labor union, insists Nigeria will be better off soon

NLC have been urged to call off their protest and give President Bola Tinubu ample time to reshape the economy.

“The government of President Tinubu inherited multifaceted problems confronting the nation. These problems are enormous, and when he came on board, he introduced reforms that would liberate Nigeria from economic segregation.

“That was why he removed fuel subsidy the first day he assumed duty. If Mr. President wants to live the lie, this country would be no more today. But he had the courage to remove the fuel subsidy cancer that benefits a few privileged Nigerians.

“As we know, over N400 billion was used to subsidize fuel monthly. He also made sure the gap between the naira and dollar is bridged. It takes courage to make these far-reaching decisions that will turn the fortunes of the nation around. The impact of fuel subsidy removal and floating of the naira would be felt. But it would be felt in the long term.”