BREAKING: Two UK-Based Nigerian Ladies Fight Each Other On The Street Over A Man (Watch Video)

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Two Nigerian women have gained notoriety in the United Kingdom for their public altercation over a man.

A video sighted online shows one woman accusing the other of interfering in her relationship. She alleges that the second woman called her boyfriend and spread rumors about her promiscuity, damaging their bond.

She further complained that she housed the friend for eight months before she got an apartment of her own only to pay her back with evil.

She also claimed to have done naming for the other woman’s baby.

The woman who is complaining apparently went over to the other woman’s apartment to fight her.

She also threatened to beat up the other woman’s mother who was trying to separate them.

Also, the assaulted woman can be seen calling the police as she held on to the aggressor threatening to hand her over to the police for coming to beat her in her own house.

The police later came to arrest the aggressor.

Watch video below:

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