BREAKING: UK-based Nigerian man gets engaged to another woman, seven months after he was called out for allegedly ass@ult!.ng his ex-girlfriend (VIDEO)

Nigerians have criticized a UK-based tech guy, who recently got engaged a few months after he was called out for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

The man who identifies as @Funferekoroye had shared pictures and videos of his proposal on the microblogging platform X.

The post which was intended to receive congratulations and wishes from internet users took a wrong turn, as Tweeps on the platform began to dig up old videos where he abused and assaulted his ex publicly.

In one of the clips that was shared, eyewitnesses and friends of the victim claimed he once attacked her in an art gallery in Lagos.

While the majority wondered why the lady he proposed to would want to settle down with him, others shared that she’s friends with his ex and they had been dating for four years.

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@dennizmustshine:  congrats to you both. you’ve seen signs. soon you’ll start seeing wonder.

@phychem11:  You could have done better than Marrying your friend’s ex and an abuser. This is why some men don’t rate women.

@The__best100:  you’ve seen signs. soon you’ll start seeing wonder. I pray you don’t start trending when you’re gone Because you clearly see the signs and you choose to ignore it

@ulxma:  Female exceptionalism is an incredible thing to witness. We think we’re special. We think we’re different. But in the end, we’re all just women.

@theoreoluwaa:  I FUCKING ASK AGAIN!!! When does SELF PRESERVATION KICK IN FOR WOMEN WITH ABUSIVE MEN, till you die????????????????????????

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