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BREAKING: Viewer Discretion: Man chops off brother’s ear, stabs mother at the back in brutal fight in Calabar

At approximately 3:02 pm today, a disturbing incident occurred on U-Jimco Road by Etta-Agbor. Two brothers, reportedly sharing the same biological mother, engaged in a violent altercation.

The fight escalated to a horrific level. The eyewitness account describes the older brother sustaining a severed right ear, allegedly inflicted by the younger brother.

Furthermore, the older brother is reported to have stabbed their mother in the back during the struggle.

The eyewitness report also mentions the alleged use of a charm, described as a cow’s leg wrapped with red rope and “satanic things,” by one of the brothers.

The eldest is in Police custody while the other has gone into hiding.

Mr. Afufu Ogar, the Special Assistant to the Cross River State Governor, Sen. Bassey Edet Otu on Student Orientation has condemned the act.

He stated that such action leading to bloodshed need not be tolerated. His words “According to him “For me, it’s highly condemnable for grown-up men to fight terribly to a point where the older one here stabbed his mother behind and the younger Son of the woman who is on the run now cut off the elder brother’s ear.”

The scene of the incident is very close to the University of Calabar (UNICAL). It is also a popular junction leading to Satelite Town another settlement mostly occupied by students of UNICAL. It also connects a gate leading into the institution.