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BREAKING: Viral VIDEO: ‘India Not Good For Bed’ African Patient Harasses Indian Nurse, She Shuts Him Down Saying

A video from an Indian hospital has gone viral where an African national is harassing an Indian nurse seeking sexual favours from her.

In the unverified video, the African patient can be seen shamelessly recording the nurse, while she is performing her duty. On the other hand, this man can be heard using vulgar language.

African National Uses Filthy Slurs Against The Nurse

In the viral video, the African National can be heard talking to the nurse saying, “You should like Africa, Africa good.” The nurse quickly responds saying, “No, I don’t like Africa.”

What seemed to be a friendly talk between a patient and nurse, turned out to be a clear case of sexual harassment. Just moments later, he can be heard saying that if he removes his clothes, she’ll love Africans.

This doesn’t end here, he can also be seen saying, “India, No Good.” The nurse then immediately responds to his statement in a way to shut him by saying, “You say India no good and also come to India for your treatment.” He still manages to continue his vulgar language saying, “India good for treatment, but India not good for bed.”

He can also he seen asking her to come to bed at night, stating that he will show her how strong Africa is. However, amid these actions from the African national, continuously harassing her, the nurse maintained her calm and can be seen performing her duties, ignoring his demands.

The video has gone viral on the internet garnering praise for the nurse for not loosing her cool and also for not falling for the vulgar comments by the African national. On the other hand, people are condemning the patient’s behaviour and also demanded for his arrest. However, there are no reports stating that in which hospital the video was recorded or what action was taken against the man involved in the harassment.

Social Media Heaps Praises For The Nurse

A user Yogi lauded the nurse for her attitude and her focus on the work.

He said, “Salute to the nurse . She was only focused on her work and she is a nationalist. She did not bother about any rubbish he was talking . But where ever he spoke I’ll about India, she defended . Just loved her attitude. But she should complain to seniors and concerned authorities about this individual for safety of self and others.”

Another user, Siddarth Kumar said what the patient said to the nurse is sexual harassment. He said,” I don’t even think the nurse understands what he was referring to but yes that’s sexual harassment.”