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BREAKING: We Didn’t Plan To Kill The Two Traditional Rulers, My Friends Shot Them, And We Ran Away – According to Babusa Lede

According to a Punch article, once Babusa Lede, a suspect in the murder of two traditional rulers, was taken into custody, he said that his friends had shot the two traditional rulers and fled instead of them. According to Assistant Inspector-General of Police Dare Ogundare, the suspect’s arrest was made possible by the state’s security services working together.

While speaking to reporters, Babusa Lede confessed to the crime, saying he was one of those who attacked the two traditional rulers. He claimed that he was threatened with being shot by the five team members who came to the road for the operation if he didn’t join. According to Lede, the gang brought ammunition while he was tending to his cows in the bush. Upon their request, he joined them.

He confesses, “We were five that came to the road for the operation. I am a herder and I have my cows in the bush. The other four threatened to shoot me if I did not join them in the operation. They brought the ammunition, and I was going about in the bush with my cows when they said I should join. When we were in the bush, we saw the vehicle conveying the three traditional rulers from a distance, and we jumped on the road. We didn’t plan to kill the two traditional rulers, but I would not know what happened, and my friends shot them, and we ran away. They left the bush immediately. They have been kidnapping people for ransom. I joined them once for it; they gave me N5,000 from the money they collected. It was when I came to town from the bush to buy Garri that I was arrested by the security operatives.”