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Sen. Adams Oshiomole, the senator representing Edo North Senatorial District and also a former president of the Nigeria Labour Congress from 1999 to 2007, revealed in an exclusive interview on Channels Television that his problem with the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is the lack of appropriate application of tools selectively in tackling issues.

On this subject, the former governor said,

“We are not living on the moon. My problem with the NLC is that you apply your tools selectively.

When I was the President of the NLC, we had agreements; if the federal government was not implementing them, we targeted them.

“If a particular state is not implementing it, we limit our actions to that particular state government,” he continued.

“It’s not that if one state government is defaulting, then you spread the protest, in which case there is no incentive for obedience.

“I don’t have the details, as I don’t have the opportunity to discuss with them the specifics of these agreements, but I will make a qualified comment.

“If it is true that the Federal Government is not implementing the 35 percent, as far as I know, in the National Assembly they told me they have started implementing,” the politician explained.

“My attitude is that whether state government, federal, or private sector employers, everyone should implement that minimum of 35 percent because even the private sector employers have increased the prices of their products.

“When you talk about the high cost of living, it is because of the new price regime that manufacturers push into the market. If they are making more Naira, they should also pay more Naira to their employees.

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