BREAKING: Why Imo people will vote for me again — Gov Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has said he is confident of securing a second term in office despite the stiff challenge he is expected to face from candidates of the opposition parties during Saturday’s polls.

Mr Uzodinma, who spoke in a monitored interview with Channels Television on Thursday, said he is confident of victory because of his achievements in office over the past three years.

According to the final list of candidates published in October by INEC, 18 candidates were cleared to contest the election, however, many have predicted a four-horse race in Saturday’s election in Imo State.

For Mr Uzodinma, the flagbearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), his achievements in office are good enough to convince any discerning voter he deserves another term in office.

“On Saturday, anyone in Imo State that is going to vote will at least remember they have just received their salary. Before I came, there were backlogs of unpaid salaries.

“Going to vote, the road that you would follow to the polling units if you remember what the road was, and what the road is now, you will remember that the man that did the road is Hope Uzodinma and you will want him to continue.

“Those who come from the hospital sick bed will appreciate the quality of treatment and service given to them and will remember that it was Hope Uzodinma who fixed these hospitals.

“Then getting to the voting centres, the environment, the decency, the psychology of people, the dividends of democracy that I brought as a governor, the intangibles and the tangibles will make them vote for me. I have not only recovered the broken-down infrastructure.

He continued: “I have been able to bring up the education sector, I have provided Medicare. Talking of insecurity, the root of insecurity was unemployment and idleness by our young men and women, I have empowered our youth and created jobs; analogue jobs, and digital jobs.

“ I have introduced all sorts of things that are meant to engage our youth population. Today, the young men and women in Imo State are very enthusiastic and very happy because day by day, I bring new ideas and new opportunities to make sure they earn a living and be proud to answer Imo sons and daughters. All these things I have done

While insisting some of the security challenges in Imo State are contrived by the political class in the opposition, Mr Uzodinma said he wonders why those spreading false narratives that he would be voted out on Saturday are the ones causing trouble in the state.

“The question I ask is those who think Imo state will not vote for me, why are they causing trouble, why can’t they wait and go to the poll so that the people will vote Hope Uzondinma out if he has not been doing well, “ Mr Uzodinma said.