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BREAKING: Woman Accused of Witchcraft Narrowly Avoids Stripping by an Angry Mob in Zaria

An unidentified woman found herself at the brink of a harrowing ordeal when a mob accused her of practicing witchcraft.

In a video that has been making rounds, the woman was alleged to have touched a man while they were on the road, causing him to lose consciousness. A crowd quickly gathered and appeared ready to attack the woman when the intervention of police officers saved her from harm. The mob insisted that she walk over the man as a means for him to regain consciousness.

According to a Nigerian individual on social media, it is a customary practice in the Northern regions for someone accused of such an offense to walk over their supposed victim. In the video that has gone viral, the woman accused of witchcraft did just that, and remarkably, the man began to show signs of recovery.

Woman accused of witchcraft and almost stripped naked by mob who claimed she touched a man and made him lose consciousness in Zaria