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BREAKING: “Would Anyone/Investors Come To A Place Where The President Is Forewarning About A Possibility Of Bribes?” – Oseni Rufai Questions President Tinubu’s Trending Blunt Speech At Qatar

Arise TV anchor, Oseni Rufai, has questioned the speech made by President Tinubu to Qatar investors on Sunday during a business meeting with the Qatari government.

Yesterday, President Bola Tinubu conveyed a strong message to the global business community, affirming Nigeria’s readiness for serious business while pledging severe consequences for those undermining investor confidence.

Addressing the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum in Doha, President Tinubu emphasized ongoing reforms and upgrades in Africa’s largest economy, inviting Qatari investors to report any bribery incidents with direct access to the President’s Office.

Tinubu highlighted the commitment to removing obstacles hindering profitable and legitimate enterprises, urging against bribery attempts. In a statement by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Tinubu stated, “Nigeria is serious about revolutionizing investment promotion. We are removing obstacles today and we are going to continue to remove all obstacles.”

Oseni Rufai, a known critic of the government and its policies, stated via his X handle:

“When a president tells foreign investors to report his officials that ask for bribes.

1. Is he not de marketing his country by telling the world his officials take bribes.

2. Is this not an indictment on his selection process 3. Would anyone/investors come to a place where the president is forewarning about a possibility of bribes.”