BREAKING: You Got it Wrong on Marriage -Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu tells speaker Among

The Archbishop of Uganda Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu used the high-powered Royal wedding of the Busoga Kyabazinga on Saturday, to dispute recent comments by Parliament Speaker Anita Among in which encouraged polygamous marriages.

In her communication to the house on Thursday, speaker Anita Among lashed at the critics of polygamy in marriage, questioning the legitimacy of their beliefs, and said men are free to take multiple wives in marriage.

Among’s comments were prompted by allegations that the Kyabazinga (King) of Busoga, William Gabula Nadiope IV who officially got married on Saturday, was already engaged in marriage with another woman. Among defended the Kyabazinga but also labeled Kyabazinga’s critics as individuals who don’t wish him well.

“You find there are some social media people who know it all. We all need people to settle. Why don’t we wish other people well? People want to poke their noses into people’s personal lives. They should leave them alone. If they are saying he has many wives, who tells you a man should have one wife?” Among asked sending members attending the session into laughter.

At the wedding ceremony which Dr. Kazimba Mugalu presided over, the archbishop preached that polygamy is against bible teachings on marriage which strictly emphasize one woman for one man. Dr. Kazimba Mugalu preached against homosexuality but also said he listened to the speakers statements, and they are untrue.

“One thing to note is that marriage must be between a man and woman. Secondly, God removed one rib from Adam to create Eve; Only one rib. Only one rib. Which means: marriage should be between one man and one woman! I have heard some discussions in Parliament but the truth is One man and one woman!” Dr. Mugalu emphatically stated

Quoting from the book of Genesis in the Bible, Dr. Kazimba Mugalu also said marriage is not man’s initiative but God’s idea, and it must be kept in it’s original form. He said the purpose of marriage is threefold: companionship, friendship and procreation.

Speaker Among who got officially married to Moses Hashim Magoggo (a Moslem) in December 2022 was not in the congregation at the wedding but her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa attended the Kyabazinga wedding in Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe in Jinja City. According to Islamic faith, polygamy is not prohibited and a man can marry up to four wives.

A strong opponent of homosexuality, lesbianism and associated behavior, Dr. Kazimba Mugalu appreciated the Kyabazinga of Busoga for accepting God’s teachings which discourage men from living a ‘single’ life but to marry.

A re-known Arsenal supporter, Dr. Kazimba also joked that Kyabazinga made a good choice of a beautiful wife in Jovia Mutesi (now Queen of Busoga Kingdom) the same way he (the Kyabazinga) chose Arsenal Football Club in English Premier League.