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BREAKING: “You might be girlfriend number 4” Daniel Regha advices couples against going above and beyond on Valentine’s Day

Controversial Twitter personality Daniel Regha has dished out an opinion as Valentine’s Day draws near.

He cautioned  his followers Valentine’s Day  arrival against going above and beyond for their partners without knowing if they are in a relationship or not.

He also went on to reveal that a lot of couples are already planning the perfect gifts, not knowing that they are numbered in their relationship.

He went on to query people who have been engaged since last year as he queried them on why they are yet to tie the knot. He revealed that for most single people, they know exactly where they stand.

In his words, he says,

“Valentine’s Day is almost here. Some of you will go above and beyond for your partner without knowing you are in a relationship with yourself. Many of you are already planning the perfect gifts, but you might be girlfriend or boyfriend number four on their list. Some of you have also been engaged since early last year. What is happening? At least single people know where they stand. Start asking questions so you don’t end up getting played.”

Just three days ago, Daniel Regan had slammed Peter Obi for travelling to Ivory Coast to watch the Super Eagles football match. He revealed that Peter travelling to Super Eagles to watch the football match was a bad move, especially when Nigeria was in a current crisis.

He stated that most public figures that should be in the stadium should only be entertainers and influencers, not politicians.

Some weeks back, recall that Daniel Regha had called out people who believed that he should be in a relationship because he is good looking. He stressed on the fact that a lot of times people find it difficult to believe that he is single because of how handsome he looks.

However, he went on to reveal that what most people do not know is that because you are handsome does not give you a pass to being in a relationship.