BREAKING: “You wan collect my wife from me” – Man vents as 3 month old son cuddles up with his mother

A Nigerian man goes on a ranting spree as his 3 month old son gets cuddly with his wife and not giving him a chance to be close to her.

The man lamented over the fact that he had specifically created a small makeshift bed for his little boy so he could let him have some private time with his wife.

However, his son would always roll over at night and cuddle up with his wife leaving him all alone.

He promised to buy a small bed for the boy so he would not have any chance to sleep next to the mother.

The young boy kept smiling sheepishly all through the interaction.

Here are some reactions to the man’s video

sheisaduke said: “I love the fact that my client restricted himself from answering you and trying to defend himself from all this allegations lebeled against him by you. We will swerve you a law suit from our firm as ordered by our client see you in court on 10april”

itzprettyoprah opined: “The wife go happy at least she go rest from your kini 😒😂”

qute_starr stated: “Oga your time don pass 😂😂😂go and sit down 😂”

zakamthriftandmore added: “Na so e be everywhere o, as long as say na male child 😂😂😂😂 take hrt bro. My son is jealous to the extent anytime his daddy wants touch me he will wake up as if he saw it in the dream 😂😂😂”

blanchegwagon said: “The babyboy is so cute 🥰 😚gave was just as cute as him 😍.”

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