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Bricklayer Who Constructed Mohbad’s Grave Celebrates His Work

The bricklayer tasked with building the grave for the late singer, Mohbad, recently shared his jubilation on social media, calling it a significant milestone in his career.

In a video shared on Instagram by @badarinahon, the bricklayer expressed his joy at having been chosen to construct the final resting place for the young singer, Mohbad.

Mohbad’s untimely passing occurred on a Tuesday, and he was laid to rest the following Wednesday, amid controversies surrounding the circumstances of his death.

After completing the grave, the bricklayer took to the internet to share his feelings of privilege, describing it as a remarkable achievement in his life. He stated, “If I had been told that I would be the one to build Mohbad’s burial ground, I wouldn’t have believed it. Please help me; I need assistance. When I achieve success, it won’t be a small one. Although I didn’t know Mohbad personally, I admired his work.”

However, the bricklayer’s comment triggered a range of reactions in the comment section.

Here are some of the responses:

– damblaise remarked, “A quick prayer. Lord, may my death never be someone’s greatest achievement 💔🤦.”

– sexykinging wrote, “You might end up digging him out again because an autopsy is really necessary in this case 😢.”

– kween_tiwalope commented, “People from Ikorodu just lack sense 💔. Is this really an achievement? What help do you need? More burial sites to cement? Mtchew.”

– _sueldelioness expressed, “Am I the only one who thinks this statement is harmless? It’s insensitive given the controversy surrounding his death and his young age… but this bricklayer probably never expected to have the opportunity to build a celebrity’s grave, hence his reaction.”

– ms__bjay said, “Seems like nobody in Ikorodu is normal 😢.”

– ayoebiseni remarked, “Someone’s sorrow is another person’s excitement.”

– plug_inxmedia wrote, “God help us all.”

– djkholow_official commented, “Someone who will cement your grave might also surprise you because none of us is getting out alive.”

– dark__shuga reflected, “The haste in burying him, and now the rush to cement… it’s evident the family didn’t genuinely care about their child. That’s the sad truth. It seems like nobody cares about the poor and helpless Mohbad.”

– cutefed_damouche criticized, “Very insensitive!!! Were you supposed to expect to be building the burial ground for a 27-year-old guy? Your age mate! You acted like it was the burial ground of an old ex-president you were constructing… Show some empathy, please!