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Businesswoman vows never to lend men money even in dire situations

A Nigerian businesswoman who goes by the name Lola claimed that she refuses to lend money to men, even when they are facing imminent danger.

The cosmetologist claimed that because of some unpleasant incidents in the past that she regrets, she rejects any male who wants to borrow money from her.

Lola said she would prefer if they asked their family or friends to lend them the money rather than her.

She wrote; “I don’t borrow men money, even if they are dying. Go ask your family and your guys. Right now, the moment any man asks me for money, I block him.

I’ve had my fair share of nonsense that I still regret till date. God forbid. Crazy thing is there are too many chronic borrowers and shameless debtors out here now and the signs are always there.”