Charles Nwekeaku “People From the Southeast are Being Denied Admission Because They are Given a High Score”

Igbo Eders Forum Secretary Prof. Charles Nwekeaku has voiced concerns about what he believes to be discrimination against Southeast Asian applicants throughout the admissions process. According to Nwekeaku, even when people from the southeast perform better on tests like JAMB, they are still not admitted to institutions. He drew attention to the disparity in admissions, saying that while candidates from the southeast may need to score between 250 and 260 to be considered for professions like law and medicine, those from other regions with lower scores—like 120—are still admitted to study similar subjects.

During the interview with AIT, Prof. Charles Nwekeaku also expressed the view that the Head of Service ought to be zoned to the southeast. He questioned why the southeast will be neglected, especially from occupying governmental positions. He alleged that when it comes to admission into universities, they apply federal character in order to deny Southeast. Nwekeaku added that merits are no longer considered when it comes to admission into federal universities.

According to him, “It is important that the Head of Service should be zoned to the southeast, and we have qualified federal permanent secretaries here. About three of them have Ph.D.s from good universities and are performing well. Why would the southeast be neglected? When it comes to JAMB, now is the time for admission. Go to universities. People from the southeast are being denied admission because you give them a high score. 250-medecine and law, 250,260, but you see people who score 120 from some zones, they’re getting admission to study medicine, to study law.”