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Check Out 4 Animals That Mourn And Conduct Funerals When A Member Of Their Family Or Partner Dies

You may not be aware of it, but you are not the only one experiencing grief. Numerous animals have been shown to reflect human grief in their own unique ways.
The list of animals is as follows:
1. Elephants

Elephants have been known to cry, if you can believe it. They buried their dead out of reverence for the mortal body. Elephants have been observed to exhibit empathy, according to scientists.
According to the experts,elephants have been seen calling out and picking up sticks in an effort to revive their dying buddies. People who didn’t know them well don’t typically express grief over their loss.

2. Monkey

Numerous kinds of monkeys care for their deceased for days in a show of grief. They spent weeks transporting their children’s bodies while in public view weeping.

Like humans, monkeys have a tendency to cling together after the loss of a family member or friend. They are all cuddled up close. Some mourners experience such extreme depression that they refuse to eat even if they are starving.

3. The Dolphins

When their buddies pass away, animals in the ocean experience the same suffering as those

on shore. There have been numerous reports of dolphins keeping watch over their dead.

According to some studies, dolphins’ propensity for sadness is caused by the fact that they frequently gather in pools with families.

4: A Giraffe
The dying giraffe is surrounded by the others, who bury their necks in his. Similar to humans, giraffes seem to find social gain in disclosing their anguish and suffering.