Chelsea and Manchester City Face Relegation Threat

A warning regarding the prospect of Premier League relegation has been sent to Chelsea and Manchester City because of possible Financial Fair Play (FFP) rule infractions. Everton, who was charged with violating FFP restrictions earlier this year, has lost 10 points to the Premier League.

On the other hand, Chelsea is currently the subject of an inquiry, while Manchester City is charged with several financial rule violations. It’s been speculated that both teams could face harsher sanctions than Everton.

This situation necessitates a comprehensive examination of the financial practices of these clubs and strict enforcement of FFP rules. The Premier League must take decisive action to ensure fair competition and uphold the integrity of the league.

According to Sky Sports, Borson expressed disagreement with the -10 point deduction for Everton, deeming it harsh for a straightforward FFP breach. Borson also highlighted the potential significant repercussions for Manchester City and potentially Chelsea if they face charges and acknowledge off-books payments.

Everton, in response, issued a statement expressing shock and disappointment regarding the ruling, considering it disproportionate and unjust. The club intends to appeal the decision to the Premier League, initiating the appeal process to be heard by an Appeal Board appointed by the Premier League.