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Christian congresses ask President-elect Tinubu to reflect fairness in appointments

Clerics under the auspices of the Christian Leaders Conference of Nigeria and the Clerics Congress of Nigeria have urged the President-Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to adopt equity and fairness in his appointments to promote unity.

The clerics spoke at a joint news conference in Abuja to pray and congratulate the President-elect of Nigeria on Friday

They said equity and fairness in his administration would further safeguard peace and unity in the country.

Pastor Peter Abraham, the Coordinator, Christian Leaders Conference of Nigeria observed that selfishness and insensitivity of political leaders before now were the cause of trauma the citizens are suffering from today.

While congratulating the president-elect, he advised him to prioritize fairness, tackle economic issues and focus on security matters for a better nation.

“On fairness, we will want the president-elect to show equity in appointments and sharing of resources to all regions.

“The Nigerian dwindling economy, unemployment and other economic issues should be addressed.

“On security, he said Nigerians and the nation needed to be secured to enhance development and growth.

He said the congress was optimistic that Tinubu would reunite the nations,” Abraham said.

He commended INEC, the media and Nigerians for a successful and peaceful election, urging them to support his administration with prayers and patriotism.

He also congratulated other contestants in the Feb 25, elections but did not get elected to see their participation itself as a great value to our national democracy.

“We very respectfully suggest that, in the spirit of patriotism, you should support the official outcome of the elections, or where strong evidence dictates the contrary, you should resort to available channels of seeking electoral redress.

“We urge all supporters of all these great compatriots to also tow the same pathway while eschewing any recourse to violence or illegal self-help,” he said.

In his speech, Archbishop, John Alli-John Coordinator, the Clerics Congress of Nigeria (TCCON), said God has destined Nigerian to be a united, great African nation where other countries of the world would come to take refuge, stressing that we need patience and commitment to keep the hope alive.

The archbishop urged the president-elect to do everything humanly possible to cement the unity of the nation to enable Nigerians tap its God-given blessings and abundance.

He also called on religious leaders to pray fervently for the proper direction of the nation’s leaders.