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“Christianity reduced to comedy” – Evangelist Kesiena slams ‘indaboski bahose’ pastor, Odumeje

Evangelist Kesiena Esiri, the Pointman of The Remnant Christian Network (RCN), condemns the mockery heaped on Christianity by the controversial preacher, Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje, also known as the Abido Shaker, Indaboski Bahose, and Liquid Metal, among other titles.

This followed a series of TikTok comedy featuring Pastor Odumeje’s voice, in which he lauded himself using various nicknames. Others include the Anambra pastor’s preaching style, which many perceive to be amusing rather than biblical.

In a recent church performance, Evangelist Kesiena expressed discomfort over Pastor Odumeje’s mockery of Christianity. While referring to him as a ‘Clown,’ Kesiena bemoaned the preacher’s large following and the viral nature of his videos.

yhucee_nwokeoma noted: “You self follow dey watch out favourite pastor .. cox you even sabi en slangs pass us.”

uzee_darbas penned: “Indaboski will watch your video, analyze it and bring you to citadel soon😂.”

big_wizzy007 said: “I thought the Bible said we shouldn’t judge pastors.., so why’s pastor judging pastor now.., Christian’s in the house pls explain to me.”

soriaselee said: “Please leave Abido shaker joor. We like him like that 😂.”

dr.sct_samken penned: “All of una Na thesame thing, na packaging separate una.”

iamnasboi wrote: “If you’re waiting for Abitoshaker’s reply gather here.”

ego__oyibo280 said: “Odumeje is gradually becoming a movement😂 everyone has one or two to say about him.”.