Common Habits That Can Improve A Man’s Overall Fertility In The Long Run

Are you aware that there are certain common habits that can make a man’s fertility much better in the long run if he persists in doing them? As we all know, fertility is a major topic in a world like ours because everyone would like or desires to have children and the key to having kids is being fertile or having viable sperm cells.

Studies have shown that there are some very common habits, choices that may influence your sperm health which by extension means better fertility. So in this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at some of the common habits that can make a man’s fertility better in the long run. They include the following:

1. Getting enough sleep is one of the habits; a very common one that can improve a man’s fertility significantly. This is because poor sleep quality reduces a person’s quality of life and health which also affects the chances of the person procreating. It has been proven that men with better sleep quality have better sperm cells.

2. Eat walnuts often – it has been proven that eating alot of walnuts comes with its own fair share of advantages. One of which is improved fertility. Why does this happen? Walnuts are antioxidant rich foods and as such, men should make it a habit to snack on these yummy nuts.

3. Stay away from too much soy. Soy is rich in isoflavones which have been linked to lower semen quality. So men who are looking to give rise to younger ones are advised to desist from taking soy excessively so they don’t lower the viability of their cells and reduce fertility.

4. Reduce alcohol intake. This is an established fact that men who take alcohol excessively tend to have lower sperm health and less chances of getting women pregnant. So if you wish to remain in your best shape when it comes to fertility, cut down on alcohol.