Dancer Janemena’s Husband Reacts As She Shares New Photos Of Herself With Him On IG

Janemena, a popular dancer on Nigerian social media, used her latest Instagram picture to show off some PDA with her spouse. She posted the photo to Instagram, suggesting that the couple was feeling affectionate toward one another. Her husband, Janexplies, saw her message and felt compelled to comment on it.

She arrived at her new job wearing an attractive ensemble that complemented her figure. She put on cosmetics that complemented her skin tone, and her spouse dressed in a shirt with a round collar. Both of them were beaming with joy as they kissed and hugged one other.

As the post’s description, she asked, “Are you someone’s wallpaper or should I mind my own business?” Her photographs and the accompanying commentary got a lot of attention, and her followers responded immediately.

Janexplies, her husband, saw her new post and responded, “I never see myself for status; it’s wallpaper I want to enter.” This response from her spouse demonstrates how much he values her new position.