Daniel Bwala, the spokesperson for Atiku, disclosed that he worked for Tinubu to become president

Chieftain of the PDP Daniel Bwala, who spoke for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign committee during the last general election, recently acknowledged that he had a hand in Bola Tinubu’s election to the presidency.

In an interview with TVC, Bwala said that he actively sought to have Tinubu become the party’s presidential flagbearer before leaving the APC to join the PDP. He said that because of his outspoken support for Tinubu, he had been blacklisted by television outlets. Nevertheless, he was unfazed by this setback and used TikTok as a forum to voice his undying support for Tinubu. He continued by saying that he supported Tinubu’s campaign by using every resource at his disposal.

Furthermore, Bwala pointed out that during his time working for Tinubu in the APC, many of the individuals who currently align themselves with Tinubu were not part of his team. He noted that some key figures from the southwest, who now support Tinubu, initially backed another candidate from the region.

In Bwala’s word, “As to whether there is a prospect of me joining APC, I have been in APC for 8 years. One of my successes is the fact that Tinubu is president because people like us worked for him. When I was working for Tinubu in APC, majority of the people with him today were not with him. In fact, some of the key elements working with him today who come from the southwest were in a different direction of somebody from the southwest. And to tell you that as at that time, even the chances that President Tinubu would become the flagbearer were not there that is why he had to cry out in Ogun State. People like us, I was all over. Even when television houses were blacklisting me because of my vocal support for Tinubu I switched to TikTok and use all materials that are available to me. If I am committed to a cause, I give it 100%”.