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Davido updates his marital status on Wikipedia

Afrobeat singer, Davido has updated his marital status on Wikipedia.

Davido has altered his marital status on Wikipedia after the customary formalities. THEINFONG looked up the singer on Wikipedia and discovered that he has subsequently changed his marital status to reflect the name of his wife.

As previously reported by THEINGONG, Davido has finally wedded the love of his life, Chioma Rowland in a traditional wedding at her place.

Chioma who hails from Ezeala Odu, Imo state has fully become an Adeleke as her bride price (Umunna) has been paid.

Davido has fully compensated the Umunna people in Owerre, Nkworji Ezeala ofu Nkwerre Local Government Area, Imo State.

Chioma’s father may be seen completing the Umunna and Umuada ceremonies in pictures and videos that were uploaded online.

The Umunna rites, which involve a gathering of the bride’s extended family and the groom’s family, mark the second stage of an Igbo wedding. This meeting is crucial because, in front of her Umunna, the groom’s family must reiterate their interest in being married to the prospective bride’s family (direct and extended family, with family elders).

Once permission has been granted, the conventional wedding dates will be chosen, and the bride price list will be distributed. A goat will be split between the groom and bride’s families, along with other presents including kola nuts, palm wine, beer, soft beverages, tobacco, and snuff.