Dear Men Do This Daily To Maintain Your Fertility.

Its every man’s dream to have a family of his own, but some never achieve this due to not being able to get a child. In today’s article we are going to discuss what men should do in a daily basis to maintain their ability to have a child.

1. Always dress yourself in a comfortable way, when you are in too tight clothing it traps warmness and makes it hard for the skin aeration. To avoid this wear loose inner wear to maintain good aeration.

2. If you have to drink alcohol take it in small amounts, excessive alcohol consumption makes you too sluggish, which might make male cells immobile. To maintain your ability to have a child its good to completely stay away from alcohol.

3. Smoking of cigarettes and any other form of smoking is not good to your health in most cases to your lungs. The moment you start smoking and you get addicted, you will start growing weaker and weaker in your ability to ber a child. For your fertility stop smoking, nevertheless many cigarette packs are written that smoking can bring infertility.